Royal Queen Oud Incense

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Royal Queen Natural Oud Incense does not contain any alcohol or animal fat. It is free from chemical and artificial scent, 100% natural ingredients blended with precious substances that include Aga wood, Mysore Sandlecwood Musk, clove which helps and nourish the spirit and keeps body energy flow smooth via the simulation of the alfactory nerves to produce physical emotion and physiological effects independent of the thinking process specially Aga Wood and Sandle wood fragrances has uplifting quality and was regarded as fit for Queen. This precious formula is believed to be dated back more than 1000 years.

It is believed to be supported thae general being and enhance meditation prayers and relaxation and excellent remedy for stress. Thus creates natural harmony and balance to play an important role in daily natural practice.

A Supreme quality highest grade ingredients includes medical herbs, tree barks, roots , leaf, flowers petals powder purest ingrediants that have been gathered and blended using traditional method of hand made royal queen natural incense sticks