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This is a Kerala Mural Painting.Mural Paintings are done in layers and it took around 21 days to finish this painting. This paiting is done on custom order. This painting is done in Acrylic on Canvas

Kerala mural paintings are the frescos depicting Hindu mythology in Kerala. This form of art enjoyed royal patronage.

The scriptural basis of these paintings can be found in the Sanskrit texts, 'Chithrasoothram - (Chitrasutra is a part of the Vishnu Dharmottara Purana, a book written in Sanskrit about 1500 years ago. It contains 287 short verses in nine chapters and a few prose in the second chapter. There is no other book on painting as detailed as the Chitrasutra. This book answers hundreds of questions about what a painting is, why, its purpose, role, relationship with the painter, connoisseurs, and other arts. Chitrasutra will be useful to understand the true Indian painting.)