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Enabling Cyber Security in an Organization Through Security Assessments and Risk Analysis

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This book is as per AICTE Guidelines and meant for a minor course in Cybersecurity for Engineering Colleges.

The Objective of this book is to Apply Security Assessment and Risk management for Cybersecurity in an Organization.

The book describes the concepts of risk management to cyber security in an Organization

. After completion of this book, security personnel in an organization shall be able to

: 1. To apply contingency strategies including data backup and recovery and alternate site selection for business resumption planning.

2. Skilled to be able to describe the escalation process from incident to disaster in case of security disaster.

3. To Design a Disaster Recovery Plan for sustained organizational operations.

About the Author

Top 100 Women Transforming India Award from Niti Aayog (The Planning Commission) 2019

Academic Doctorate in Digital Transformation & Social Impact. Masters Degree in Electronics & Communication Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee. Founder of Digital Transformation Organization U2USystems based in Singapore and in India.

Experienced Professional in Technology, Cyber Security and Digital Transformation.