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Enabling Cyber Hygiene For School Students What one needs to know ?

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Just like building personal hygiene early on is essential, it’s also vital for children to learn cyber hygiene. Since children spend 4-6 hours online per day, they need to know early on how to stay safe online.

As a parent, you’ve probably taught your child to wash their hands, brush and floss their teeth, cover their mouth when they cough, and shower regularly. These are all important habits for creating a solid foundation of personal hygiene

While you may not think about your child being under cyber-attack, anyone using a tablet, mobile phone, laptop, computer, or gaming console is susceptible. From identity theft and cyber-bullying to malware and ransomware, children can encounter many different cyber threats. So, learning the basics of cyber hygiene is critical for the whole family.

About the Author

Dr. Ritu Jain Gaurav

Top 100 Women Transforming India Award from Niti Aayog (The Planning Commission) 2019

Academic Doctorate in Digital Transformation & Social Impact. Masters Degree in Electronics & Communication Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee. Founder of Digital Transformation Organization U2USystems based in Singapore and in India.

Experienced Professional in Technology, Cyber Security and Digital Transformation.