Dhyaan by Mousumi

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Size of the Art piece (a X b) in ft 
3ft x 2ft
Name of the Art 
Dhyaan (Meditation)
Art Description 
This painting portrays Buddha, meditating with his disciples. I have used mixed media on Jute Cloth and Texture White for highlighting the images.The image of Buddha is positioned higher than the Monks to pay respect to The Enlightened one.
About the Artist 
Moushumi H. Choudhury: With an experience of more than 25 yrs in the field of art, I like experimenting with various forms of Performing and Visual Arts. As a teacher with vast experience, I feel arts is an important pedagogy that addresses life skills like creativity, observation, attitude, values, self-expression, etc. which are important in the process of individual development and lifelong learning. I have participated in several paintings and handicrafts exhibition cum sale. I am registered as an expert teacher with Fevicryl (Pidilite) and have conducted several workshops with them. Recently, my painting was selected as the second-best in the FAG art contest. My Graphic Designs was also selected by FIF for the calendar year 2019.