Jaali String Collection from Kaarkii  Designs.

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Jaali String Collection from Kaarkii Designs.

Kiku Namita Paul, women entrepreneur and creative mind behind Kaarki Design talks about her passion for creating these amazing intricate, ornamental openwork or ‘Jaali’ designs in Hallmarked Sterling Silver, incorporated into precious and Semi Precious Stone Strings. 


Q1: Tell us the Vision behind your Product?

Sterling Silver is an all time favourite. This time it comes to you as the Jaali String Collection from Kaarkii  Designs. These are intricate, ornamental openwork or ‘Jaali’ designs in Hallmarked Sterling Silver, incorporated into precious and Semi Precious Stone Strings. Choose from a splash of rainbow colors available with authentic stones of premium quality - faceted or uncut, combined with various sizes of Hallmarked Sterling Silver Jaali Balls. Some strings come to you with beautiful pendants set in the same  Jaali Work. This is what we all want - that ‘go-to’ jewellery accessory that can make a difference to not only how we look, but how we feel!


Q2: What made you decide on making/selling this Product?

Kaarkii Designs has been in the business of customizing Jewellery in India and the focus has always been on what the clients want. Time is of the essence nowadays and strings are the easiest and best way to enhance the look in a jiffy! The Jaali String Collection was envisaged as a collection that combines the best of the both worlds of trendy jewellery as well as all time classics.

Q3: What is one unique thing about your Product?

If I were to think of the one thing about the Jaali String Collection that sets it apart - I would say it is Authenticity. Each string has genuine stones that carry their own energy and add to the energy of the person wearing the string. Silver represents the Feminine Moon Energy and the Hallmarked Sterling Silver Jaali balls enhance the best of that in you. The intention of integrity comes to you from the heart!

Q4:  Additionally what would you want to tell your buyers?

These strings have been made by the efforts of many hard working skilled craftsmen in India. Each string has been designed as a unique limited edition piece that is available in small quantities. There is much thought and effort that goes into getting these beautiful finished accessories to you.



Q5: Please tell us about yourself ?

Having done my education in Commerce and then an MBA, with a young child to look after, I decided to pursue my passion in Jewellery and so was born Kaarkii Designs. I had my own take on what I wanted to wear and realized that it was appreciated and encouraged by my clients. The most important thing to me has always been how it makes one feel. Over the years I have also developed an interest in Transpersonal Psychology. I now often find myself combining these two passions whereby my interest in the Universe and its messages gets combined with the creative love that I have always had for Jewellery.

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