Home made Chocolates from ChocoLiks

Home made Chocolates from ChocoLiks

I am Swapna. Founder of ChocoLiks.

ChocoLiks is into making home made chocolates. We provide customized chocolates as per buyer's requirement and specifications. Each of the items are uniquely made.


Q1: Tell us the Vision behind your Product?

Main Vision behind these products is to create and promote yummy, healthy home made chocolates to reach everyone.

Q2: What made you decide on making/selling this Product?

People love chocolates irrespective of age and I feel this is great opportunity to connect. My main motive was to promote something which is home made and customize it as per customer's requirement which are healthy and are reasonably priced.

Q3: What is one unique thing about your Product?

 We can customize in anyway or for any occasion according to customers wish. 

Q4:  Additionally what would you want to tell your buyers?

Try and taste our home made chocolates which are freshly made everyday with favorite fillings as per your wish.

Q5: Please tell us about yourself ?

I am Swapna, an enthusiastic home maker who loves to explore things around. My interests are painting, crafting, cooking and chocolate making & I am a fun loving person.

ChocoLiks Collection is available Here