Handmade Paintings from Colours Art

Handmade Paintings from Colours Art

I am Mohana. Founder of Colours Art.

Q1: Tell us the Vision behind your Product?

Art is Pratibimb of our heart. Through my paintings I would like to give a form to my imaginations and skills.

Q2: What made you decide on making/selling this Product?

I would like to get exposure to my art works by selling my paintings

Q3: What is one unique thing about your Product?

All my paintings are Realistic original handmade paintings with detail work

Q4:  Additionally what would you want to tell your buyers?

I guarantee 100% quality product . I can take up orders according to your requirements like scenery’s, landscapes, seascape, portraits etc.,

Q5: Please tell us about yourself ?

I am a self thought artist. I have 3 years of experience in artistic field. Participated in World art Dubai 2019 . One of my paintings got sold out in World art Dubai exhibition. I teach art to all age groups in all mediums like Acrylic, Oil Pastels, Oil Painting , water colours etc,.

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