Handmade Jewellery from Swathi's Creation

Handmade Jewellery from Swathi's Creation

I am Swathi. Founder of Swathi's Creation.

Q1: Tell us the Vision behind your Product?

My vision is to make woman look more beautiful by wearing my matching silk threaded jewellery.

Q2: What made you decide on making/selling this Product?

Personally, I love to wear matching jewellery for my costume. So I started making for me. Later everyone appreciated my work and encouraged me to make and sell.

Q3: What is one unique thing about your Product?

Quality and professionalism in work.

Q4:  Additionally what would you want to tell your buyers?

Money worth product will be given and Customization can be done according to Ur choice where it enhances your beauty.

Q5: Please tell us about yourself ?

This is Swathi, a home maker. I make tassels for silk sarees and make silk threaded jewellery in my free time. I'm very much interested in art and craft work which helped me to do these items.

Swathi's Creation is available Here