Handcrafted Decorative Rangoli Sets from Vaishu's Craft Creation

Handcrafted Decorative Rangoli Sets from Vaishu's Craft Creation

I am Vaishnavi. Founder of Vaishu's Craft Creation.

Q1: Tell us the Vision behind your Product?

My vision behind this product is to make your house or any occasion look much attractive. In that way my products should reach many people which can help me to make more attractive products and provide customer satisfaction.

Q2: What made you decide on making/selling this Product?

I always wanted to spread and share my cup of talent to the world.

Q3: What is one unique thing about your Product?

The material used in making this product is the unique thing. These Decorative Sets can be used as decoration items for any occasion. Best used for festivals. To decorate in front of God or in Pooja room.

Q4:  Additionally what would you want to tell your buyers?

Buy my products and make your festivals, pooja rooms look much grander and more attractive.

Q5: Please tell us about yourself ?

This is Vaishnavi, I’m a Visa expert, dealing with getting visas done for people who wants to travel abroad. Making these Decorative sets for festivals or occasions is my passion. I’m fun loving person, filled with enthusiasm.

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