Amalgamation of Ethnicity & being Chic.

Amalgamation of Ethnicity & being Chic.

Started in 2014 by an engineer turned Entrepreneur, Roshni Puthukudy, when she decided to turn her passion into a career. Ethniichic is the amalgamation of ethnicity & being chic.

 Elicit the art lover in you.

Ethniichic presents jewellery, accessories and home décor with handmade paintings from the traditional art forms across India like Pattachitra paintings from Odissa, Mural Paintings from Kerala, to name few, to add splendour to your elegance.

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A true combination of the modern women who is far ahead of her time but still wants to be connected to her roots. With Ethniichic, we are trying to present handcrafted jewelry, accessories and home décor that are at par with modern fashion & culture with a true imbibe of age old art which runs through generations in India.

Ethniichic looks at each creation as an art piece rather than attire or an accessory. Each piece of work elaborates our epics and ancient Indian mythology. Ethniichic designs are a true medley of art & are purely based on deep devotion and commitment for art.

All the creations are handmade with utmost passion and care!

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